Xbox Launch Woes and I Pick Some Flowers in FF14

Another launch day, another big bag of nothing for me. Despite making fun of Sony for their pre-order troubles, Microsoft showed no better ability to deliver a console to my hands. At this point I'd sell the family car for a slightly used Tiger LCD game.

It's a bummer, missing out on the launch hysteria these things always produce. It's easy enough to call it all a cynical marketing ploy (because that's exactly what it is), but I remember many launch events fondly. The Game Boy Advance launch where I almost got stuck with a hot pink version, until the retail worker found a purple one  behind the counter on the floor. I then preceded to burn through 2 sets of batteries in one day before investing in an AC adapter. The Nintendo DS Lite launch, the first major purchase I ever made with my own money. The WOW: Burning Crusade launch where me and a college dorm friend stayed up for the midnight launch at Gamestop. When their credit card reader went down it was a race to the ATM and back. Then we leveled Blood Elfs together. I genuinely enjoy getting caught up in the hype. My post yesterday was me pontificating on the practicality of entertainment; that we should embrace what we enjoy without hesitation. I enjoy launch days, but it seems I won't get to enjoy this one.

On the other end of the scale, I woke up yesterday morning and began leveling Botany in Final Fantasy XIV. Why?

Me neither little buddy. But now I stand as a somewhat-proud level 50 flower picker. Now that I think about it, I always level herbalism in World of Warcraft as well. I have never successfully taken care of a plant in my life, why am I drawn to it in video gaming?

Anyhow, as I was wondering about my sudden grind-lust, two entries in my RSS feed piqued my interest. Syp is grinding out levels in WoW Classic and Belghast is finding leveling relaxing in WoW Retail. Maybe as the outside world is spinning itself to pieces, several of us are finding the relaxing and steady nature of leveling to be a balm. MMO leveling as therapy. Which is good since my actual therapist is so booked right now I have to wait a month and a half in between appointments. 

I guess I'll level fishing next. My mental health depends on it.


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