Saturday, August 1, 2020

Blaugust Prompt-a-Palooza Day #2: I Don't Understand Many Things

What is some popular piece of content/media that seems to be universally loved that you have never been able to understand?

It's inherently difficult to talk about something you can't understand. There are perhaps, many genres of video games that I don't enjoy very much, but I can easily understand their appeal.

For instance, fighting games hold no interest for me. But the idea of you and a partner, sitting under the glow of a TV as you both constantly sharpen your swords against one another, holds obvious appeal.

Reading anything about EVE Online makes my eyes roll back into my skull, but again the appeal is obvious. Being part of a gigantic universe where players have an actual impact not just on each other but the universe itself is powerful. Establishing yourself, finding your role to play in the world, and then executing it as best you can while perhaps striving for more is the actualization of a theme that most video games only allude to.

I like variety in my games. Even if I find myself retreating to the familiar, I really do crave the new and novel. The voice of my blog is often critical. Ultimately I don't like a lot of the video games that I play. But I do enjoy the process of figuring out what they are. I might enjoy discovering what a game is about more than I enjoy playing video games in general. I don't view this as an inherently inferior or odd way to enjoy the hobby. It's just my style. And in an industry full of cheap or free games, it's a pretty easy thing to do as well.

It's a bit cocky to assume that I understand every universally loved bit of gaming that comes my way. That's writing a check my brain can't cash. But throwing my hands in the air and proclaiming that I don't understand a game or that I don't want to understand a game is pretty much the antithesis of my approach to gaming.

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