Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday - New Blog Format Same As the (Not Really) Old Format

This is post #101 of this blog. And that means it's time for a shakeup. This blog and I have been together for about nine months. And like most of my relationships, things have gotten stale and we're only sticking together because of the impending pregnancy.

(For my mother, who reads this blog, I'd like to clarify: that was a joke.)

So it's time to mix things up a bit. Add a bit of spice. I think this is the part where me and the blog go to a key party? But I think in the blogosphere that just means guestposting on other people's blogs, and that feels like some SEO bullshit that I'm not feeling.

So I'm heading in a different direction.

Themed days! It's like drink specials at bars except we can't go to those anymore. If you're a dedicated reader to this blog (and of course you are), you've already been thrown into this mad and very innovative experiment. The last three posts have already been published in this format.

I've pulled a tricky one on you. No apologies or refunds offered.

The schedule is like so:
  • Monday - MMO Talk
  • Tuesday - Cooking
  • Wednesday - Books/Reading
  • Thursday - Retro Video Gaming
  • Friday - Computer Hardware 
  • Saturday - Wildcard
  • Sunday - Editorial
The schedule will change. Because change, adjustments, and risk-taking are an important part of the creative process. But it's mostly because I'm lazy and rarely stick with things, unless I've gotten them pregnant, because I am a man of honor (and I've had my passport revoked so I can't flee the country).

The schedule will change because I don't know what some of these topics mean, particularly the weekend ones. Wildcard is like this post. Probably a bit meta. Probably some mild cursing. It's mostly a day to word vomit a topic that won't leave my head. It's like therapy. For me. You're the unwitting therapist. Sorry about that, I forgot my wallet in the car, I'll cover that copay next week.

Editorial is going to be the blog posts that I enjoy writing best, but usually don't set aside the time to do properly. Stuff like the rant on RNG in games I had last week. I don't like that post. I think there is a real good post in there somewhere. A post that explains my thoughts better and has little more substance to it than RNG = dumb. We're going to see if sticking those kinds of posts to one day a week helps it happen.

And if this gimmick doesn't end up improving the blog, or my mood, then I'll pitch it and go back to writing whatever and whenever. But I'm starting my own personal Blaugust Blapril Blay using this format and we'll see how it goes.

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