Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Blapril Day 3: Same Old

A little late getting this post out, but then again, not a whole lot happened on the gaming front.

No D&D yesterday, the second session is happening tonight.

Animal Crossing is still slowly rolling on. Recruited my first villager from the Campsite. Naithin at Time to Loot remarked on how slowly things unlocked in Animal Crossing. At first I pushed back against the idea but now I think he's right. I'm about halfway through the second week of this game and things are starting to slow down for already. Hopefully the Easter event that starts today gets me interested.

And that's about it. I did play an hour of Faerie Solitaire Harvest but there really isn't anything say about that. Most of my time was spent reading my RSS Feed which has exploded as a result of Blapril. I'm gong to need to cut back somewhere, probably the more general gaming news sites like Destructoid and Rock Paper Shotgun. I think I read for 4 hours yesterday and finally emerged from my computer chair with enough back pain to sideline a horse. That's not sustainable.

Speaking of RSS feeds, I just noticed I was the 'headliner' for MassivelyOP's Global Chat article. It's weird and flattering to pop up on a site I've been reading for a decade or more. I'm sure my mom will be very proud. (And she might, she reads this blog. Hi mom!) It would probably be cooler if I didn't mention it at all, but I gave up on such thing years ago. Maybe I'll print the article out and put it on the fridge.

So yeah, a light day gaming wise, but today is looking promising. D&D, Animal Crossing Easter event, maybe finish up Shenmue 1, and try out a new early access Steam game called The Coin Game. It's an "arcade simulator" where you walk around playing crane machines, Stacker, etc. Not hard to see why a proxy of real life would appeal to me during times like these.


  1. I'm beginning to think that ACNH just simply isn't for me -- but I'm kind of committed to continue playing at least for a while, as I'm the 'Resident Representative' on the family switch and my youngest son plays it a boatload.

    So I'll definitely be able to put that thought to the test over time. ;)

    The Easter Event though feels like it just came at the wrong time in my development. I'm still pretty early (building the shop), and every time I hit a stone and get one of the blasted eggs instead of an iron node I feel my blood pressure rise just that fractional bit higher. Haha.

    We'll see though. Once these first hurdles are over, maybe it will be OK? But right now the 2k Miles cost of the get-away island tickets also seems quite prohibitive. The miles do stack up reasonably well, don't get me wrong... But yeah.

    In any case, more importantly, I saw your mention on MassivelyOP! Congratulations and in your position I certainly wouldn't be playing it down either. Haha.

    I still remember fan-boying out when WoW insider referenced one of my Warrior Cataclysm guides way back in the day. Went from hits lucky to reach 100 a day to a day of 70k and another few days in the 20-50k range.

    It didn't last of course, but just seeing it... :o I doubt any site or game could have that much of an impact any more, even WoW. But the concept is still the same and so awesome when it happens!

  2. I think I'll get my motivation back when I actually start decorating my house and island. But my plans require some "endgame" stuff I need to finish the storyline for.

    The miles start to come in abundance very soon. I pretty much have 10,000 at all times with nothing I really want to spend them on. Visiting the islands right now for materials is definitely the best use of them where you're at right now.

    The MassivelyOP bump was worth about 50 views. 70k views is several times over what my blog has gotten in total since I started this project. I really do miss the 'golden era' of the Internet and online gaming.