Monday, March 30, 2020

Blapril - Day 2: More Animal Crossing and Dungeons & Dragons

Today was our first real D&D session. Like many first sessions, it was all role play and no combat. Our adventure is taking us to a jungle along the Sword Coast, although we started the session in Baldur's Gate. At least I think I have the geography right. I know all these proper nouns by reputation, but I've never really played a D&D session or video game in these worlds. My only other D&D campaign took place in what seemed to be a generic setting. If I've played a D&D video game, I don't remember it, although looking at my game libraries I seem to own plenty of them. 

Anyways, we spent our two hours filling out the flavor aspects of our character, going over some of the technical aspects of the Fantasy Grounds Unity program, and setting our story in motion. Our party formed when we each individually answered the ad of a well known wizard. It seems there is a MacGuffin in a jungle that keeps people from resurrecting the dead. Consider how inexperienced we are in playing D&D, this might become a practical problem for us. Either way, we are teleported to a port town I can't remember the name of and then set off to the local tavern to find a guide.

I decided to throw some spanners in the works for RP purposes. My character doesn't drink and doesn't approve of those who do. He's also very evasive about spending money. Both are a bit out of character for a noble. There's obvious reasons behind both of these traits but I'm trying to slow play it and let the other players deal with those potential storyline threads as they wish. This is my first time taking RP seriously, so I don't know if I'm helping the session along or just being annoying.

As a side note, Fantasy Grounds Unity let's me use the /ooc command in the chat box. It's a dumb little thing, but reminds me of older MMOs who also have the same chat channel. MMOs take so many ideas from D&D, and here's a slice of D&D that's taking the idea from them. /camp does not begin slowly logging me out though.

Animal Crossing continues. I've made myself a little checklist of 'chores' to get through everyday. My goal is to move the 'storyline' along and unlock all of the features of my island while buying out all of the vendors everyday to increase the size of my catalog. I'm slowly saving up to pay off the second house expansion, which is 198,000 bells.

Today I unlocked the campsite. If I recall from the 3DS version of the game, this unlocks Amiibo functionality. I own every AC Amiibo figure and not a small portion of the AC Amiibo cards. I also want to unlock Scoot for my village. Scoot is the duck in my avatar for both Blogger and Wordpress.

I played several hours of a casual game called Faerie Solitaire Harvest, a sequel to the original Faerie Solitaire. They're not solitaire in the Microsoft Solitaire sense of things, but closer to puzzle matching games. They have a nominal story, progression, talent trees, things to unlock, etc. I tag these kinds of games on Steam as 'Busy Hands'. They don't require overly much concentration and can be played in a Windowed mode. It's literally just a game to keep my hands busy as I'll plow through my RSS feed every morning. The 50% off sale for the game was timed nicely, as my blog feeds have runneth over as a result of Blapril.

It's nice to see so many people blogging once more. I know it's a smaller number of people than during Blaugust, but I bet more people will stick with it during this event, if for no other reason than a lot of us don't have much else to do.

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