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Warcraft 3 (Months Since the Hearthstone Incident)

I read my RSS feed as part of my everyday routine. Nowadays, I read it while doing my crafting dailies in Everquest 2, but before I simply read it during lunch or other down time. That RSS feed has a lot of MMO blogs, some specific news sources about my other interests like motorsports, and a couple video gaming news websites to keep me generally up to date with the industry. So consider me plum surprised to find out that Warcraft III Reforged, a game that I had at one point pre-ordered back in Blizzard's more halcyon days, was already out. And consider me slightly less surprised that they fucked it up. Or at least that's what I'm hearing. I cancelled my pre-order after Blizzard's nonsense regarding the Hong Kong protests back in October. It is, of course, difficult to parse some of the concerns through all the typical Internet whinging, but it does seem pretty bad. To start with, the fancy cinematics shown off at Blizzcon? Not available anywhere in the actual g

Everquesting Through Shattered Lands

I have quite literally killed thousands of orcs this week. My Everquest 2 playthrough continues unabated, my Dark Elf Necromancer has reached the lofty heights of level 50. I think I'll be locking myself at this level for a while because it represents the original level cap in the base game. I'm interested in clearing a few more zones with her before moving on to the next expansion, Desert of Flames. I tend to play my MMOs like de facto progression servers. I specifically play through the content in the order it was released as much as I can. I don't actually play on progression servers though for two reasons. Firstly, progression servers tend to have more population that I want to deal with in the beginning zones. I like MMOs more for their style of play than for the 'community'. Other players usually just means competition for quest mobs. Secondly, I prefer the quality of life changes we have in the updated games. I would not have made it to level 50 without Eve

Everquesting ... Evily

Bhagpuss has rolled a new character in Everquest 2 and given us all an update, and I feel I should do the same about my newbie alt. My character is a Level 30 Necromancer/Level 38 Weaponsmith with 115 AAs. We've cleared out the Freeport suburbs, the Freeport sewers, and the Commonlands. Nektulos Forest will be done by the time I hit publish on this thing. I've been going for a fairly completionist run, doing just about every quest the EQ2 wiki has listed. Some of the quests, particularly some of the book quests, are just too darn grindy to bother with. My main goal is to get a feel for each zone: hit the important quests, learn the important landmarks, soak in the excellent background music and art. I'm not necessarily playing through slowly, but instead deliberately. I do have the nasty tendency to optimize the fun out of things, and I fear I've done that quite a few times in Everquest 2. The things I like about EQ2 have more to do with it's charm rather than


Warning: A big rant without much of a point. Buckle up. Oh levels. You old buddy. You old pal. You old so-and-so. Always around. No MMO feels complete without you. Even if we aren't always sure why you're here. But we're always chasing after another one of you. Levels are on the mind. Everquest 2 increased it's by ten levels, even if they go by so quick as to make one wonder why. World of Warcraft Retail will be undergoing it's customary reinvention of the wheel by crunching theirs down to 60 again. Black Desert Mobile has them, and yet a gear score-esque number called Combat Power seems to be the vastly more important number to raise. As I'm leveling a necromancer through EQ2, the most exciting power gains seem to come from Alternate Advancements, not levels. I've never cared less about levels. It's a thing I've done, leveling. I've gained all sorts of levels. I'm gaining levels in genres that aren't even RPGs. I'm getting meta

Everquesting and Racing

I've not had a blog post in a while, apparently the holidays had discombobulated me more than I expected. It also affected my dog a fair bit as well. Herberta S. Everwake is my spirit animal. But since getting back home,  I've found myself in a bit of gaming bliss. Normally around this time I begin to get burned out on video games. I've feasted on the glut of Black Friday and Steam sales and start looking towards other hobbies. But I've been playing a ridiculous amount of Everquest 2 lately. Sadly, I've dropped the Let's Play series I was blogging because frankly it was too much work. Getting linked on Massively was cool but the constant start and stop of taking screenshots and translating the in-game story line into something bloggable was becoming a drag. I'm playing EQ2 freely now and enjoying myself. Dusting off my main and getting her ready for the recently released expansion is simply too daunting. I've done a small bit of the last s

First Impression: Mirage Online

I'm in an experimental mood today, so I decided to sort through the various tags on Steam to look at what's come out the last month or so for MMOs. Mirage Online Classic implies some sort of lineage that I am wholly unfamiliar with. If there is a Mirage Online Current I can't find it in a Google search. In fact, I'm having difficulty finding much of anything about it with a Google search. There's a very basic official website , a Youtube with a couple of short gameplay videos , and not much else. It seems to be a HTML5 game as I can play it either in a browser or in the standalone client downloaded from Steam. It must also be a mobile game as you can toggle to mobile controls in the game itself. Character creation is bare bones at this point. You get to pick a name, a gender, and a drop down list of Professions. The professions seem to have access to different spells, according to this chart on the official website . As far as I know, space bar is the

New Year, New Me and Some Thoughts About Black Desert Mobile

New Year, New Me No not really. I have survived the holidays as tired and grumpy as I always am. Overall, a good time was had in between two brutal 20 hour car rides. Major props to Everdog, who handled all that traveling with minimal complaint. She's earned all her treats for the year. I have no interest in doing a year retrospective or even New Years resolutions. I've read enough of those in the past two weeks and I suspect so have you. My MMO play was limited over the holidays to Black Desert Mobile. I had written before the break that I found BDM surprisingly enjoyable on my desktop. Granted, that wasn't as a full-fledged distraction, but as something to click on in the background while doing other digital chores. I found playing on the cell phone to be a similar experience. The game proved to be a nice thing to do with my hands during the downtime between lunches and diners and trips to the mall. There is always something to do; a fact that I found to be both a