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Who doesn't love a good Secret Santa exchange? Ellen at Livid Lightning coordinated a blogging Secret Santa event. Everyone who signs up gets another blogger assigned to them. The prompt was to give a shout out to your favorite posts on their blog and then gift them a gift from a fictional game/media.

(I do love events like this. I reminds me of old school Webrings. A way to check out other blogs that are all tangentially related to one another.)

My assigned blogger was Michelle from A Geek Girl's Guide. I hadn't actually known about her blog before this so this was a wonderful opportunity to add to my RSS feed. Nothing like a good binge read on the tablet while traveling for the holidays.

A gift from a fiction universe ... that's a tough one. Thankfully Michelle has a Geeky Facts About Me post that simplified this question a lot. She's a hardcore Harry Potter fan and board game geek. Thankfully I happen to be listening to a Harry Potter podcast called Potterless right now so the books are fresh upon my mind. Maybe this is a bit lame, but I kind of feel like a set of Wizard's Chess is the answer. I know, it's not technically a 'board game'. But a game of thinking and magical violence surely has to count. Chess just seems like the game of choice for a Ravenclaw.

Posts That I Recommend
A Geek Girl's Guide focuses on the broader 'geek' landscape than the more video game-centric posts that I do here. So I'm going to focus my recommended posts more on the digital gaming world than the tabletop or fandom aspects. Also, since a good portion of the blog are guides, it makes sense for me to focus on the posts I found most useful.

Board Games for Video Gamers 
A lot of my friends are more into board games than video games and it's sometimes a point of friction when it comes to enjoying a quiet night in with company. I also have a tendency to play board games as just slower video games, instead of enjoying the more social aspects board gaming presents. This list seems to be a good mix that let's one translate a more digital way of thinking onto the folding table. I've played a bit of Pandemic and Betrayal at the House on the Hill and always felt that board games should be more like that. It stands to reason that the other games listed here should also be on my short list.

How to Geekify Holiday Traditions
I love Christmas. It's special. But it also means spending time with people I don't always feel as comfortable around being just myself. I also feel like decorating my house is a bit more railroaded. This is my first year with my new house and our second year living far away from our family and friends. I thought this post has some thoughtful ideas on how to make Christmas a bit more personal and to my own taste.

Video Game Recommendations for the 4 Harry Potter Houses
Ravenclaw  | Slytherin | Hufflepuff | Gryffindor
I have the Harry Potter series on my mind and a reread seems imminent. These posts were a nice mish-mash of video gaming and Potterdom. And I think the selections for my own house (Gryffindor) were spot on.

So there you have it. Obviously it's tough taking someone's blog and reducing it down to just a few hundred words but I don't think I've made too much of a mess of it. I hope you found another nice site to persue and that everyone reading has Merry Christmas! My normal posting has been disrupted by my holiday travels but I'm itching to get back to it soon enough.



    I'm going to leave this here :)

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  2. Hey thank you for the post, I really enjoyed it. I hope you had a wonderful holidays!


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