Friday, December 13, 2019

reEverquesting II Part 5 - Family Letters

This is Part 5 of my playthrough of Everquest II. I encourage you to read the previous entries before this one: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Swallowing every last bit of pride that I have is difficult. But since I've ran out of food and money it's the only thing I have to be swallowing. My sister is a wizard. An accomplished one. Has about 15 years of experience and has been party to some of the most famous heroic tales the bards sing.

She's also kind of a bitch.

I "borrow" some pen and paper and postage and money and shoes from a local ratonga and write my letter.

Dearest Falcona,

My ventures to the Isle of Refuge went, as one would expect, exceeding well. I now find myself in the heart of Freeport, hobnobbing around the rich and famous of Norrath. With my surely imminent arrival to the tippy-topps of Freeportian society, it is only customary that I secure the prestige of my future station. I've begun my work for the Academy of Arcane Science of course. One of the most promising students they've yet seen I'm assured. (While I'm not technically enrolled I am working for one of the researchers, the structures of education have never fit me as you well know. I specifically prefer it this way.) For my patron, I've catalogued some of the most ferocious and indomitable creatures found on the continent. And yet, despite my work, my once benefactor has reneged on his payment, calling my sketches "amateurish" and "inscrutable". I loathe to impose upon my dearest sister. But with all of your well-earned success as a wizard of the past 15 years, it is my hope that you may have some resources to help correct a frightful wrong done to your sister. 

I have located a suitable bit of lodging in the appropriate section of our humble town. It is my sincere hope that you will provide me with 5,000 platinum pieces to begin establishing our family's deserved outpost here in the city of Freeport. I thank you in advance for your most helpful contribution.



The efficiency of the Overlord's mail carriers is quite impressive. I received a return missive in but an hour.

Dear Aurella,

Good to see you made it out alive. Get out of Freeport, the place is a dump. Here's 50 plat.

-Suck it,


Fine, whatever. 50 plat is nothing to her. I know she has a hundred times that, but that makes me borderline rich to the various peasants walking around Freeport. 

The money will be a meal and a night's rest. Maybe I'll be a bit less cranky in the morning. Apartment hunting will have to wait for a little while longer. I have actually lined up another job, probably a bit more suited to my skillset. While at the Academy, another researcher overheard while I was getting dressed down for my lack of natural artistic abilities. She directed me to a Zaddar Sullissia in the Freeport graveyard. Now that sounds like work more suited to a budding Necromancer!


  1. That's the best cover story for twinking I've ever seen.

    I'm sure your Necro's sister knows perfectly well that Lucan has decreed that hostelries in his city must provide reasonable accomodation for a mere five silver pieces a week. Your request for 10 million times that weekly cost must have seemed a little eccentric, not to say demented. Even a mansion in Freeport would cost only a fraction of that enormous sum.

    I think she was pretty generous to send 50 plat.

    1. Our Necro might also be surprised to know that her sister is lazy and bought a bunch of collections of the broker, and may not have quite as much money as she thinks she does.

      Trying to find story reasons for some of the game's mechanics have been surprisingly fun. I think I've accidentally begun role playing with myself.