WoW Classic, WoW Retail, and Overwatch | A Weekend Recap

Who knew cooking 350 fish would take a while?

These past couple of days have been the eye before the storm. I haven't focused much on leveling recently, I'm still sitting at 35. But I have raised all my secondary professions up to about 225, main professions to 180, and finished off all the various Warrior quests.

I love WoW's secondary professions (first aid, fishing, cooking, and in retail archeology). I don't really know why. I don't even use the end products from these professions all that much. But on every character I sink serious time into I also dedicate time to get these skills up. Granted, in classic WoW having high level first aid and cooking is a boon for a warrior. A bandage is quicker than eating, and stamina buffs from cooking keep me alive better.

I had forgotten that the last hundred skill points or so in each secondary profession is actually gated by a quest back in those days. My fishing will be stuck at 225 for a while as the fishing quest requires fishing up a rare drop in four different zones before moving on. First aid has a minigame at 225 that requires you to bandage up an emergency ward of war casulties and perform triage by bandaging the worst hurt NPCs first. Cooking isn't so bad as it's basically a bog standard kill quest in Tanaris. Although you do have to buy a stack of cheese from somewhere else. But I already anticipated that.

Having barely got my mage to max level before the Burning Crusade hit, I never experienced much in the way of individual class quests. I can't quite remember what the Mage's class-specific quests were and I don't recall ever doing any for any other class.

Most of the Warrior quests aren't actually useful to me. I'm pretty well geared from all the dungeons we've been running and most of these quests give greens. They are also incredibly slow and inconvenient. The four quests require traveling back and forth between both continents and a dungeon run through Razorfen Kraul. But it was nice to do these quests anyhow. They were obviously designed as time sinks but I enjoy having some Warrior-specific armor in the bank. It's not the gear I need, its having the trophy and the experience.

Additionally, there is also the Berserker stance quests. These are a bit more straight forward. Swim to an island just off Ratchet, join a Fight Club-esque crew and fight your way to the boss for your Berserker Stance and Intercept abilities.You get this quest at level 30 but I didn't bother to do it until level 34, so the gauntlet was a piece of cake. The follow up quest is a bit more annoying. This one requires you to travel to both continents again and kill level 40 mobs. For a quest you get a level 30. We will go ahead and sit on this one a while regardless of how good the weapons you get from it are.

And lastly I played a bit of Overwatch over the weekend. They gave out a Lego-themed skin for a character that I never play, but I always treat these events as excuses just to give a game I don't play often a try. In a recent patch Overwatch added a role queue very similar to what you find in WoW Retail's Looking for Dungeon tool, allowing you to pick between a tank, healer, or DPS. If you play as a much needed role (i.e. tank or healer) than you get a bit of boost win or lose. This is usually 20-25 of the game's currency or even an entire loot box which are usually only given out on level ups.

Much like Warcraft's PVP, I'm not much interested in playing a DPS. This is especially so in a shooter. I've been shooting baddies in FPS since Wolfenstein 3D and I've pretty much had my fill. Being able to play a different role, and get nice bonuses for doing it anyhow, had me stick out all 9 wins needed to unlock the promo skin.

I dare say I had fun. Quite a bit of fun. More fun than I've had in a multiplayer FPS since Counter-Strike 1.6. This weekend I primarily played the healer Mercy and analogue to the Medic in Team Fortress 2. All of the interesting bits I've explored in the past about healing in WoW PVP were absolutely true here in Overwatch as well.

This leads to an odd idea I've had off and on: from a PVP standpoint, Blizzard has kinda been making the same game since Starcraft 1. The interaction of complex abilities from a variety of classes/factions and how they interplay with certain map objective types. Obviously lots of video games do this, but Blizzard tends to do them in a very similar way but in different genres. This is something that really needs its own blog post with specific examples so I'll end things up here. But this week's Retail Wow's weekly event is a PVP battleground bonus event, but I have no motivation to play it when I can go onto Overwatch and get the updated experience.


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