Saturday, October 12, 2019

Post WoW-Classic: A Breath of Fresh Air in a Blocky World

Boy after losing my daily driver in WoW Classic it's harder to be regular with the blog posting. Not that I've been playing less video games by volume, our first dumping of snow has seen to that, but because it's difficult to realize when I have "enough" material I want to post about.

Most of my group's playtime has actually shifted over to Minecraft. I have very little experience with the game. I played the new Windows 10 version for a couple of hours but I often wash out of sandbox games with no initial structure. We are playing the old school Java version off a server ran by my brother.

Much like my previous experience, things did not start well. I found a quick tutorial online for making the initial tools and off we went. I spawned not particularly near anyone else and had no idea for how to actually find them either. So I crafted up a sword and went exploring. I quickly came upon a room with four chests in a desert. Slowly but surely digging my way down I finally reached the bottom ... where apparently I set off some form of trap. This exploded me, the treasures chests, and all of my gear, erasing about two hours of gameplay and starting me back at square one.

Thankfully, before I decided to find the extent of Microsoft's refund program, said brother used his magical Admin-powers to teleport me to civilization. I began crafting a house, which I soon tore down to make an even bigger house. Said bigger house is incredibly empty because I use all of our resources just getting the house. The parallels with my real life weighed heavily in my mind. I tamed a dog. I accidentally killed a man and two llamas.

Overall I found the experience pretty engrossing. I am however a little bit stuck on what I should be doing next. In between bouts of college football I think I'll be spending quite a bit of time reading the Minecraft wiki and getting a handle on all the various systems the game has to offer. My wife is enjoying decorating and building the household but I barely have the energy to do that in my real house. What I do love is that there is no keeping up with the Jonses aspect to the game. I don't need to worry about keeping equivalent levels or trying to finish content before it gets invalidated by the patch. If it weren't for the hunger system, I'd never log off the world, simply keeping it idle in the background.

I'm also making headway in the main story of Breath of the Wild. I have real tendency to go off in search of Korok Seeds and Side Quests in lieu of actually making progress ... and then dropping the game because I don't like the pacing of it. I'm going to try to keep my eye on the ball here and keep progressing towards the Divine Beasts. It's honestly been a decade since I last beat a Zelda game as I couldn't stand either Wii iteration and the motion control nonsense. But with a sensible control scheme and a comfy aesthetic I think I'm ready to dive into this game.

So I have a multiplayer game and a long-form RPG going. I really do like to have a third game to play in bite sized pieces. Usually it's more of an actiony game but with most RPGs trending towards ARPG rather than turn-based that's less of a requirement. I did get a supporter pack of some sort from a contest my Destructoid. I don't actually remember signing up for it but I'll take free stuff. I haven't played Planetside 2 since it's launch but it can't hurt to check out Daybreak's latest offering this weekend. I'll give 3-4 hours and then make a judgement.

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