Gaming Goals - October 2019

Technically I'm writing this on October 2, not the 1st like most blogs do it. But I've looked all over this blog's organizational flowchart and nowhere does it say you're my supervisor.


1. Get to 60 in World of Warcraft Classic
We're not pussyfooting around this one. It's been my primary game for a month now and it's time to see it through. I obviously have no idea how fast the different phases of Classic will be rolled out and I really do want to see this content while it's "current". This isn't because such a thing will be particularly important in WoW Classic, but it's been so long since I've been ahead of the curve in a game and I don't want to squander this opportunity.

All of my other goals really flow through this one. I rolled a tank so I could run group content and I want to see raids at max level that I really never got to see back in the day. I want to collect as my profession recipes as possible and craft for myself the more powerful Blacksmithing recipes. I want to level a bunch of alts and that will be much easier if I have gold flowing from a high level character.

Also WoW Classic has just been a tremendous joy and two months later I want to keep going.

2. Level an Alliance Character to 120 and Experience BfA Alliance Content in World of Warcraft Retail
The last time I didn't experience at least most of the story in a WoW expansion was probably Warlords of Draenor for understandable reasons. I've completed all story content horde side but now it's time to take care of all this Alliance side. I had actually began leveling a Human Mage right before WoW Classic hit but even I didn't expect just how much I would be playing Classic to the detriment of Retail. My mage is around level 68; helpfully boosted by some Brewfest quests. With full heirlooms cracking on through to 120 shouldn't be an issue. And with the recent patch removing reputation requirements from most of the story content I think this can actually be done pretty casually this month. Even if I don't finish it before October ends, the goal is to have this done before 8.3 hits.

3. Begin Warcraft 1
This is turning out to be a very Warcraft-centric month! Slightly before WoW Classic's release, Blizzard partnered with to release some of their older games. Now that WoW Classic is here, I want to go through the Warcraft storyline in chronological order. This includes not just the RTS games but also the books, comics, etc. This will be a much slower process but I think it will be fun. I've never actually played all the way through Warcraft 1; it's obviously a bit bare bones. Warcraft 2 is vaguely recall using cheat codes to beat back in the day. But I remember almost nothing about the experience. We had a copy of the game in the big box PC format they use to come in, so it must have been nearly 20 years ago. I'm also ashamed to say I've never beaten either Warcraft 3 or the expansion. But I've already got my pre-order of the remastered version. I expect it to release around Blizzcon so I'm sure it will be out long before I'm ready for it.

4. Finally finish Breath of the Wild
I've been saying this for a year now and it's never happened. While the purchase of a Switch Pro controller does make this slightly more likely, I'm just going to be too busy with other projects this month to worry about it.

5. Get the Japanese PS2 Up and Running
A couple of years ago I purchased a broken all-white PS2 while in northern Japan. The goal is to fix it up and have a way of playing some of the Japanese PS2 and PS1 games that I own. I've not actually opened it up yet, but I suspect it's that the laser is broken. Replacement parts for that are cheap and I should finally get this one checked off my list.

I've never actually done one of these 'Gaming Goals' post before so this is a bit of a test. My interests also tend to be varied and go off on tangents. I'm also a sucker for limited time events and with the holidays coming up I'm sure their will be no shortage of those. I'm also considering changing these posts from a monthly thing to a weekly or even shorter thing. I tend to think of my video game playing in chunks of about one play session. I usually sit down and decide what it is I want to accomplish during this particular play session. Maybe that's something I begin incorporating into a standard blog post. Not sure, I guess we'll keep trying it and figuring it out.


  1. "My interests also tend to be varied and go off on tangents."

    Yep -- that's me, and my largest driver for not doing a similar post so far. Some of your alternate ideas sound appealing though. I'm very curious how this turns out for you though!

    Finish BoTW would have to be up there on my list somewhere too. I bought it alongside the Switch itself when I picked it up last year but have barely scratched the surface. (Literally still on the starter plateau)

    I think a more realistic goal for me in same vein though would be to finish Fire Emblem: Three Houses, I'm (still) sitting just before the major break point in the story as I was fighting a bit of reluctance to actually carry on and cross over it, as I liked everything how it was. Hah.


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