WoW Classic - Lazy Sunday Edition

WoW is hitting that perfect pace for me. Nice, slow, gradual leveling. Killing anything and everything in my way. Occasionally get a nice XP boost with the turn in of a quest. Enjoying the music and ambience. It's a beautify, steady drip of nice.

Which makes for terrible blogging material.

Progress on my warrior is still a bit slow. I've only hit 29 this morning. Instead, as I had predicted in my previous blog post, I have become enamored with my Alliance mage. Compared to a warrior the leveling is just crazy easy. Killing from range and the easier pulling makes the content trivial. I can count on one hand the number of times I've died on mage. My kill count on my warrior is a number to high to contemplate.

There is more downtime; drinking for mana is slower than bandaging damage on my warrior. But I also like that bit. It lets me throw a couple of dishes in the dishwasher, tidy up the living room, answer chat messages on Discord. The very design of warrior is "go go go". Use lose rage if you dwaddle between pulls.

The mage is much more my preferred style of pace. If I wanted action I would play a real video game. That statement isn't totally fair, PVP I think holds it's own as a competitive action game. But day to day overworld work does not.

I'm playing on Pagle, a US server with an apparent lopsided Alliance-Horde ratio. Finishing quest objectives Horde side is difficult sometimes. On the Allliance side, Westfall is borderline unplayable. More players than potential spawn points was the norm making some quests only completable during offpeak times. Whatever effect layering is supposed to have simply isn't getting the job done.

Shadowfang Keep is in the bag. Gameplay wise the instance is a pretty standard experience. The setting is one of my favorites though. The spooky undead vibe the first two Forsaken zones have is always a treat to me. Additionally, SFK is the first real plot line in Classic I've come across that actually has some payoff in the future. While I always felt that the Cataclysm version of SFK was a let down, the role the Worgen curse and the Gilnean Kingdom have on many of the future expansions was really neat to see.

The one downside: The narrow confines of the instance made playing as a Tauren claustrophobic. Having to readjust my camera several times a pull was quite uncomfortable. Combine that with a hunter with a minimum range for her shots and it was difficult to position some pulls in a way that made everyone happy.

Either way things seem to be chugging along just fine. The vast majority of my gameplay has been WoW Classic. I played a couple hours of Breath of the Wild in my never ending quest to get into that game. I found the purchase of a Switch Pro Controller to greatly impact my enjoyment of the game. Those Joycons have the buttons positioned just like the DS and 3DS, which is to say far to close together for a normal sized human adult. The Switch, which should have come in the damn box with the console, actually makes playing on the system for longer than an hour at a time possible without hand cramps.


  1. "Which makes for terrible blogging material."

    I find exactly the opposite. Every session leaves me with the equivalent of a book of short stories to tell. I could do a blog a day just on "what I did in CLassic yesterday".

    Compared to, say, GW2, where every day's report would be pretty much identical, Classic just spits out stories like a gnomish story-telling machine.

    1. You're probably right. I always feel compelled to have a broader hook for each blog post instead of just having a journal. Guess I'm still not sure what I want this blog to be somedays.


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