Nintendo Direct Reactions

Nintendo came out of left field with a massive Nintendo Direct and I had thoughts on it. So many thoughts I decided to give my brain a rest and regurgitate them out of my mind and into cyberspace. This frees up space for things like deciding what I'll do for lunch. Which is probably a sandwich. Maybe some soup.

People who play first person shooters with a controller should be put on a list. People who play multiplayer first person shooters with a controller should be put on the list in bold lettering. I don't know what should be done with that list once we have it, but I want to know who these psychos are.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Multiplayer
Sounds cool, but the chances of me convincing the three people I know with Switches to buy a copy of this game at release and playing with me is asymptotically close to zero.

Trials of Mana
Never got into the series, but would really like to. I'm a sucker for "archive" releases like this. I will definitely buy this at some point. I will probably even play it too!

Super Kirby Clash
"Free to start" is fine by me. I miss the day of game demos and and it always scores bonus points for me. Will give this a try.

Banjo-Kazooie in Smash
This was already known so no surprise here. We had a Nintendo 64 growing up but I honestly can't say I remember if we own this game or it's sequel at any point. 3D platformers were never my cup of tea. Babysitting the camera feels like the developer's job, not mine. The Banjo Games are playable on Xbox Game Pass and I've given them a shot, but I don't feel they particularly age well. I got two unexpected niche characters in Joker and Dragon Quest Hero so I'm glad to see a character other people are excited for.

Terry in Smash
I don't think anyone was actually excited about this. That's not true, there are hundreds of Fatal Fury fans still around and they just got their moonshot. Happy for them, and I'm glad an important game series is getting a bigger platform like this. He's in Capcom vs. SNK 2 which I played for about a month on my Dreamcast. I don't expect that to help me in actually playing the character as I'm still bad fighting games.

Doom 64 on Switch

Jedi Knight 2

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Ported to Switch
Nintendo's war on the value of my WiiU collection continues unabated.

Deadly Premonitions 2
I don't know what this is, but "cult horror mystery game" seems right up my wife's alley. She likes murder things. It worries me.

Divinity Original Sin 2
An all-time Hall of Famer on my "One-Day I Will Play This or Anything Else in This Series. Probably."

SNES Games on Nintendo Switch Online
This is the part I'm most excited for. 30 year old games I rent for a year. Sometimes I suspect the modern day games industry isn't really aligned with my interests.

SNES Controller for $30
I've had terrible luck with knock SNES USB controllers I've bought off Amazon. If this thing actually works on for emulation on my PC it's an instabuy. I know there are some other reasonable wireless SNES controllers out there, but I'm counting Nintendo's usual superior build quality here.

Tetris 99
I like Tetris. I hate Tetris Battle Royale. Tetris isn't improved my multiplayer, only it's business model. Fleshing out Tetris 99 into an actual Tetris game makes me happy. Not sure there's enough here to warrant a purchase yet though. I know there's a "retail" release that comes with a year of Switch Online coming out soon. Seems like something I would buy with a good promotion on Black Friday.

Xenoblade Chronicles Port
I can't tell if Xenoblade Chronicles has become the Skyrim of Ports or if there are several hundred Xenoblade titles being released with similar names.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
This will be World of Warcraft Classic, Part 2 for me. Love love love. Me and my boy Scoot are going to Zip Zoom all over this game.

Plus I'll get to play with my wife, she loves the series as much as I do.

Sans from Undertale in Smash as Mii Gunner
Never played Undertale, love the soundtrack though.

Devil May Cry 2 Port
What? Even more inexplicable since the PS4 and Xbox One got the trilogy as one disc.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Curry Dex
You can collect all the curry, but not all the Pokemon. Game Freak has to keep making Pokemon games and it seems like they're getting sulky about it.

Puzzle Quest HD
A bad game in disguise as a good one. I've almost wrote a review twice on this game since I've started this blog. It's tedious, it's too simple to be interesting, and there's so much randomness that you end up with limited agency when actually playing the game. But Puzzle RPG sounds so cool people will buy it anyways.


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