Friday, September 6, 2019

I Cheat | WoW Classic - Day 11

Stonetalon Mountains are complete and my handsome Tauren Warrior is 26 going on 27. Leveling has slowed to a crawl for a couple of reasons. Mostly it's because I play a warrior, I die a lot, it's kinda their gimmick.

I tend to be "well-rounded" in my gaming interests. There are few genres I don't enjoy, and very few modes of play I can't stomach. The major exception to this "exploration". I rarely get the urge to simply wonder a digital landscape. I have to be in the right frame of mind, and when I am, I'd rather go explore the meatspace around me. It's usually a sign that I need to start planning a vacation.

 So when I play a game like World of Warcraft I use a guide. Frankly, I use a guide for every game. But for World of Warcraft we get the benefits of add-ons as well. For as far back as I remember I used a website called The sketchy gold selling name is noted. Falling back into my old habits I tried to use the add-on version of this site but I began running into roadblock after roadblock. The guides never did a great job of acknowledging the different capabilities of each class. Some quests just aren't doable at certain levels for certain classes, namely warriors who struggle to solo elites or huge packs without the corresponding gear.

So now I've downloaded another add-on named Questie. This one basically imports the newer quest marking features from retail WoW, telling you where you can pick up quests and where the objectives to complete them are. You can customize the addon as well. I know of several people who turn off the objective markers, for instance.

This works well for me. I don't want to tedious run about at the speed of slow looking for a quest that may or not be somewhere. It holds no value to me. I want to see the content. I have the Lorekeeper titles for both Alliance and Horde on retail. I use Wowhead's uploader tool to see if there are quests that I missed.

In video games I like structure. I like to know what it is I need to do, and I like to do it until I'm good enough at it to pass on to the next stage. My favorite game is Mega Man X. Go right, jump and shoot. Love it. Shooting at various breakables until you unearth the hidden powerups? No, that's what I use a guide for.

Occasionally I get grief for this. It's unpure or whatever. I don't care. I've learned a while ago that I'm much happier when I take from a game the parts I like and ignore the parts I don't. I'm not cheating on a workout or on a diet. It's a game, it's fine.


  1. I honestly use a guide in Retail even. Called Zygor,for a small fee a month, and they have made a wow classic guide as well. Even though I doubt I'll go to classic, there are a lot of people that use that guide. I enjoy it because even in retail version, it shows quests, dailies, reputation guides, not sure all of what Zygor has for classic. But I've used Strategy Guides in a lot of games. I still have them too for my console games. That was a huge thing for Gamestop, but a new game and get the guide for 10% off.

  2. Right, so I shared this on the basis of the headline with Facebook, Twitter, Insta, Snapshat Stories, MySpace and LiveJournal.

    But then I took the unusual 2nd step of actually reading past the headline and now I have regrets. This isn't so bad nor really cheating.

    I love me some guides. In all forms, from addons through to YT walkthroughs. I never would have gone back to Dark Souls II and made any progress at all without a literally handholding Let's Play on my first time through.

    I suppose I should tell the media soon to be parking outside your place to cancel too. *sigh*

    1. All press is good press! That's what my blogging agent tells me.

  3. so far I haven't felt any need to look up a single thing out of game in Classic, nor to install any add-ons. I haven't had any trouble finding quests or the locations they require me to go to. Everything is in the text and on the map. I don't find running between locationsat all slow or tedious. I fiond it fun and relaxing - and often exciting.

    At the other extreme, when I play EQII, which I did for a while today, I go to the excellent wiki for pretty much every new quest. I follow the walkthroughs to the letter and use the /waypoint details to get the glowing trail to the location in game. I read guides to improve my gear and make full use of all the out of game resources I can find.

    It all depends on the game. Classic WoW seems to be set up perfectly not to need outside help. It rarely takes longer than I'm comfortable with to find anything. In EQII, however, I could easily be searching for hours for quest updates without the information I find out of game, and that's not any kind of fun.

    I don't think either is "right" or "cheating". I just fit in with what makes the game work. I don't feel I have to use aids if I don't need them but if I do need them I don't hesitate to get what I have to have to enjoy playing.