WOW Classic Journal Log: Stardate 2019.08.27

In fours of World of Warcraft Classic I've experienced more please and thank yous than the last four expansions combined. I'm sure everyone's experience is different but I really am flabbergasted at the difference I've experienced so far. 3 times I formally grouped with someone and enjoyed pleasant chit-chat. Twice we formed parties to hunt down rare quest mobs. I was getting Druid buffs thrown on me left and right.

At one point someone got to a treasure chest a second before me. They apologized and then offered me the mail bracers in the chest if I could use them.

I've made it to level 11 and am wrapping up the final Mulgore ans Thunder Bluff quests on my Tauren Warrior. I may stick around the area longer to level up mining and maybe do a little fishing. Also, I'm pretty well convinced The Barrens are going to be one of the most populated zones in the game so I'm not in a huge hurry to head over that way. In fact, I'm considered running through, grabbing the flight paths and maybe seeing what experience I can eek out of Durotar.

As a Warrior I'm dying a lot. I simply don't have a lot of tools yet. I can't actually range pull yet as I can't afford the ten silver to train gun skills in Thunder Bluff. Face pulling two mobs is very dangerous. Pulling three is guaranteed death.

I find myself not minding the incoveniences yet. I do wonder how long that will last. Not being able to seamless switch between weapon types is pain I haven't felt in a while. Dying as a warrior because I simply don't land any hits on a mob one level above me is still pretty infuriating.

This morning had no queue at all, and the one hour maintenance was closer to half an hour. Tonight, the hour long queue returned. Playing during the day lines up more with my preferences anyways. I was surprised at how little the population affected my play this morning. There was some fighting for mobs sure, but not a lot and it wasn't even close to cutthroat.

I'm ready to pour myself into this game. I do have my old college friends flying in from out of state for the American 3-day weekend, but after that I am prepared to no-life this game to 60 and beyond.

Assuming the servers will let me in of course.


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