WoW Classic: Day 3

Unfortunately, I didn't get to make much progress in WoW Classic today. I'm hesitant to keep leveling too much as I don't want to leave my family behind. I'm 17 and already very close to leveling out of Ragefire Chasm. Unfortunately, my abundance of free time is not shared.

One thing I've noticed is just how much one dies in this game. Granted, I'm dying because I'm a warrior and that's just the class. But every time I hit the graveyard I see 5-10 other people on the way to retrieving their corpses. It feels more like respawning in a battle ground than the overworld.

It's really amazing to me how my interest in playing Retail just plummeted. Retail feels so disposable. I don't care about any of the gear, the storylines, or the content. Dailies are just a thing you do because that's what you do when you log in. Retail feels like a solved puzzle. Group content is just this thing you do as fast as possible with as little talking as possible. Failing incurs social derision and nothing else.

Everything just means more in Classic. The difficulty and the "purity" of it all just makes people buy in more. Failure here is a social opportunity, a chance to bond over the difficulty of the content.

Classic is so much better because it has Retail has a foil. When Everquest launched it's progression servers I was interested but never really got involved in it. Everquest, despite the tremenouds changes it's taken over the years, is still Everquest. Retail WoW is an 180 degree change in design philosophy from Classic, and they stand in contrast to one another.

Classic launching during Blaugust was pretty opportune; a way of looking both back and forward for me. I'll have more company over this weekend so I won't get to play very much, but my I'm looking forward to my last couple of blog posts this month being retrospective about both this month and the last 15 or so years.


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