WoW Classic: Day 2.

Well the Orc/Troll starting area is certainly proving to be more busy than the Tauren area was. Competition was getting fierce in Durotar while Mulgore was mostly cooperation. Some of that was due to the quest design though. Durotar has several more quests with low drop rates and/or mobs with slow respawns. I forgot how uneven the questing really is between zones.

Of course I didn't need to be in Durotar at all. I finished Mulgore a healthy level 12 and ready for the Crossroads and Barrens. But my wife and sister have been sidetracked work and school and haven't been able to play at all. I don't want to level too far past them.

So I've completed all the quests in Durotar, it's given me three extra levels up to 15 and a couple thousand reputation with Orgrimmar and the Darkspear. If I recall, the benefits of increasing reputations with the capital cities is cheaper vendor prices and being able to ride their mounts when your exalted. Granted, with each mount taking up precious bag space in Classic, I doubt I'll go too crazy with the mount collecting.

But it's just nice to see the content again. I suppose I should save it for alts, particularly as I'm itching as always to have complete coverage of the professions on each faction side. But I think I'll try to be realistic for once and stick to one main for a while. At least one character for both factions.

I have every profession up to 50 or beyond now. I'm taking mining and blacksmithing on this Warrior, because that's what you do. Mining has not been nearly as competitive as I thought it would be.

I made a sound decision to grab skinning and mining at first. The extra stacks of leather brought in in another 50 silver on the auction house that have made paying for skills and professions a breeze. I even had enough for some much needed health potions.

It's nice to have first aid back after retail nixed it this expansion. Granted I never used it on my main as I'm a discipline Priest, but I always found it useful during leveling. In Classic it's even more viable as a quick way to heal while competing for mobs. The Tauren's warstomp stun into a quick bandage has been just enough healing to save me from death three times now. It's these little opportunities for skilled play that I miss because they just don't exist while leveling in retail anymore.

Playing in the evenings is probably too buys to bother with most nights. But I see myself sinking a couple of hours into this every morning for at least a couple of weeks. My poor main on retail probably feels like he's collecting dust on his brittle exposed bones.


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