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With the assistance of the Darkmoon Faire reputation buff, my ability to fly in the World of Warcraft has once again been restored. So naturally I celebrated by leveling up my fishing, a process that doesn't really require flying at all.

After yesterday's blog post being one big moan about mob density, let's turn things around and talk about how great the game feels now that it doesn't feel like the digital equivalent of Tokyo station.

I feel like I've opened up the entire game. Professions are no longer too annoying to do. World Quests are no longer too annoying to do. Pet battles, achievements, alt leveling, the list goes on. Flying really does feel like a baseline to me in WOW and my excitement has completely returned for the game and becoming dangerous close to quitting this week.

I want to clear all of the cooking achievements for this expansion. I don't know why I always go so hardcore into cooking in this game. I don't actually do any content that needs cooking buffs, and I rarely remember to use them when soloing. There's not much there role playing wise either. A priest in WOW seems more likely to be served their meals to make them. And I'm confident Forsaken don't actually eat food at all. Outside of Cannibalize of course.

Perhaps it's my real life fascination with cooking. I just like assembling things and cooking is a practical everyday version of that. Cooking in WOW is the same really, just minus any of the actual art of it all that I wasn't any good at anyways. I have both the World of Warcraft and Hearthstone cookbooks. There's a macaroni and cheese recipe in the Hearthstone book that's to die for.

I'm a bit burned out on World Quests, ability to fly now or not, but I desperately need War Resources in order to keep doing the Mission Table. I love the Mission Table. It's such a simple minigame but it feels great to simply log in and accomplish something immediately. Particularly if I'm still getting settled in for the play session and only have one hand and half an attention span available.

I suppose this is a roundabout way of saying that WOW feels like a fundamentally different game now. Perhaps that's by Blizzard's design but I suspect my patience for this sort of grind is going to become less and less as the years go by. It's one thing for Classic to move at much slower and procedural pace, that's what I signed up for. But modern day WOW feels different. It's less about being an experience and more about gamifying every square inch that they can. Modern WOW shows the "seams" in a way Classic WOW was consciously trying to avoid. And when you're constantly smacking me over the head telling me that I'm playing a video game, the obstacles are seen less as challenges, and more as the work of developers desperately attempting to stretch a finite amount of content.

Those concerns are less of a problem now that I can simply fly over them.


  1. Congrats. :) I felt exactly the same as this when I came back in Legion and finished flying there.

    It was the first expansion I'd bothered to do so in a while. I *hate* the walls they've put up around flight over the last little while, but man does it feel great when you bust them down.

    I have no intention to do it again for BFA. But who really knows. Once the next expansion is announced and the hype becomes real -- it might be one of the things I come back and do in prep to play again. xD


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