Well That Didn't Go Well

My desire to raid hit a pretty bad roadblock last night.

Raid time came around and I made my way to the Eternal Palace. Loaded up voice coms on Discord and waited for everything to assemble. Cleared trash to the first boss and prepped by potions/food buff/etc. The raid leader then decided to set the tone for the night.

"Okay if any of you fucking retard newbies don't know how to do this, stand on the green marker if you have the green debuff, stand on the blue marker if you have the blue debuff."

Needless to say my desire to be part of this guild lessened considerably and immediately. The boss did die at least, although most of the raid died. I'm not sure how considering the raid lead provided such a robust strategy. Commander Sivara is not a particular difficult boss, but it is a coordination check and with a raid full of people who didn't know this raid's particular strategy for organizing most people were lost.

On our way to the second boss the raid leader made it very clear that as far as Classic servers were concerned, it was both going to be too easy to bother with and that everyone would roll a Warrior and do it poorly because everyone is "fucking retarded".

Additionally, he made it crystal clear that the Legendary Weapons in Classic were all to be his, no discussion.

Charming fellow.

Blackwater Behemoth is next. Lots of people die. Several healers die quickly and I need to blow all of my cooldowns to keep the tank up, end up not making it to the Bioluminescence in time, and die myself. "Someone get the fucking priest up." I accept the battle rez. Then I hearth.

I've been part of some pretty toxic pick up groups before. I've even wandered into a few nasty guilds. But my willingness to put up with this behavior hasn't ever been great, and it's certainly not expanded with time.

Raiding is fun when you and tens of other people are throwing yourself at a challenge, changing strategies, hashing out ideas, covering for other's mistakes while trying to limit your own. I've been part of that. I miss that. But I don't think I miss it enough to expose myself to that again.

I miss the community, not necessarily the raiding itself. The raiding is an excuse. I'm not sure what the best way to go about finding a group of raiders who aren't just a collection of society's rejects, but I'm not confident I have the will to find out.


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    1. It's been good commiserating with friends who have ran into similar issues. So at least I got a blog post out of it!

  2. That is truly terrible, I'm sorry that it turned out this way.I hope you can find a better guild with a less toxic group.

    1. Me too. Makes me a bit squeamish on trying again with a new guild though. Might just grind through Classic and see if 8.3 makes sense as a way to get into the raiding scene.

    2. Having played a lot of MMOs over the years I would confirm from personal experience that WoW's reputation as having one of the most consistently toxic communities (aka the lowest acceptable public standards of behavior) is there or thereabouts correct. Even by those standards that sounds like a standout example of awfulness.

      I'm certain there will be plenty of guilds who behave much, much better. As always, the trick is going to be finding them. By definition, those with the highest standards are going to be most likley to keep the drawbridge up.

  3. Going through this as well at the moment. I have two mythic guilds with toons in them, both of which are more than willing to let me tag along on heroic. Silly me, thinking I wanted a dedicated guild to progress with started exploring options and .... just no. This morning I was reflecting on my experience with raiding again over the past month and I realized - I don't want to reintroduce those feelings (inadequacy, stress) back into my life just because I enjoy killing dragons. It's just not worth it to be belittled by people who I have zero investment in because I want to ingratiate myself into their group.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It's hard enough to find reasonable people in real life, even harder online!


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