Weekend Plans

My in-laws are coming for a visit so my ability to play World of Warcraft this weekend will be zero. This is perfectly fine, yesterday's post shows why my raiding ambitions took a turn for the worse. Also, Monday is the launch of WOW Classic so I'm sure I'll get more WOW this month than I can handle.

Unfortunately, said in-laws aren't leaving until Tuesday, a fact that my wife decided not to share with me until recently. This might save me from some of the server nonsense that will be happening on Monday although it does mean I'll probably be a bit left behind some of my other friends playing. Not a good situation as a warrior who will have trouble leveling on my own. At least I'm not on a PVP server.

This weekend will include a trip to Canada. Winnipeg to be precise. It'll be nice to be in a real city again, eating food made by people who can actually cook food, shopping in stores that aren't Wal-Mart. I'll be bringing my Switch, although nothing on the system is particularly speaking to me. I will also be bringing my 3DS, despite Nintendo's best efforts.

A couple of months ago I noticed that my two year old New 3DS was hard crashing at odd times. The speakers would be a crack noise and then the system would shut down. After some experimentation I found that pressing both the Left and Right shoulder buttons, or just jostling the system a bit, was causing this behavior. Opening up the 3DS I saw one of the ribbon cables had become dislodged and damaged. A quick Google search showed that this was a common problem.

A call to Nintendo left me mostly with a lecture. The lady on the phone wanted me to send my 3DS in, pay them 75 dollars, and if they deemed the problem their fault, they would refund me some portion of that money. I would pay for shipping.

"I know what the problem is, a ribbon cable came dislodged and damaged. It's a common problem, I want assurances that you will reimburse me the problem, it's under warranty."

"Sir, you're not allowed to open your 3DS."

I know Nintendo is an equal with Apple when it comes to their hostility towards customers, but i feel outright lying about the law is a bit bold. I decided a couple of months later to simply upgrade to a New 3DS XL on the used market for a similar price to "repair" my old one.

Unlike online stores made by competent companies, you can't simply log in to your new device and download your profile and purchased games. The 3DS ties your log-in to each individual system, having more than one is beyond the capabilities of Nintendo engineering. You can transfer this log-in between system if you have both physically in hand and on the same network.

My old 3DS had apparently gotten worse, as now the bottom screen completely didn't work. With no way to do the system transfer I then have to call into Nintendo's help line. 20 minutes later the customer service representative begins the process of transferring my profile. Sort of.

Instead you have to survive an interrogation first. What games do you have on your profile? When was the last time you played it, down to the exactly month and day? What regions have you taken your 3DS?

Then comes the kicker. With the process "complete" my friends says the transfer is almost complete, but they will need 3 to 5 business days to finalize everything.

Needless to say I was taken aback. I asked if I had done something wrong to incur this nonsense.

My friend did not hesitate, explaining that it was actually a legal "requirement"! I asked then why does the company's own Nintendo Switch not have to do this part. He did not have an answer.

Late yesterday evening I got the email that my 3DS is now ready for use thankfully. I know this problem will go away as the 3DS itself if phased out in favor the Switch. But this experience was so odd I really felt like I had to share it.


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