Kill me please.

Gearing my Priest has become a battle of diminishing returns. With an item level of 419 that vast majority of solo content doesn't upgrade my gear. It's time to consider a question of great importance.

To raid or not to raid.

Technically, pugging mythics will still drip feed me gear. But while finding a group is easy as a healer, not wanting to shoot myself during and after is the real trick. I've dealt with DPS who are magnetically attracted to any and all damage mobs have to offer. I did a +2 with a tank who had less health than me. I've been second on the dps charts. To the tank.

Pugging mythics no longer appeals to me. I suspect pugging raids will be the same boat but different harbor.

But raiding is it's own set of frustrations. I do have the free time to dedicate to a set schedule now a days. Finding the right guild is going to be a problem as always. The population in WOW tends to skew towards "aggressively youthful dumbassery" that I didn't have much patience for back when I was a youth. It's easy to mass ignore most of trade chat, harder to do in raid chat. Socializing is a point of friction for me anyhow with people that I actually like. Making new friends, or at least acquaintances, is never something I'm looking forward to.

The reality is that I'm not getting any younger. I recently moved away from my home state of 30 years to brand new place where I know very few people. Making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones are skills I need to focus on right now just to keep my sanity.

So the motivation is digital gear and real life growing. It's time to spit shine my enchants and start filling out some guild applications.

I'm probably going to hate it.


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