The End of Blaugust

My friends from college have flown up to my new house for the weekend, a long standing tradition we call "Friends Weekend", so I'm typing this post in a state of what one might call slight inebriation.

Very slight.

So it's probably a good coincidence that I'm feeling reflective as we wrap up Blaugust (even if my typing is a bit unsteady). My goal with this blog was two fold: 1) get into the habit of getting my thoughts on paper and a steady clip every single day and 2) participate in a culture of blog MMOs that I have been reading for over 15 years but never contributed to myself.

I feel like I was half way successful on both of these fronts. I did successfully set aside time each day to get a blog post out. I'm genuinely proud of myself. This has been a busy month for me and I had very many opportunities to give myself an excuse to not write. I did it anyhow.

What I don't like is the overall effort I put forth during the month. Some of these blog posts were just "throw something up to get my daily credit". I can do better than that. Some of the posts about things I was excited about were not as well written as I am capable of. Rust can only count for so much, I can put more effort into this.

I also think the writing everyday is a great idea. Posting everyday is not. Going forward, I want to focus on one hour of blog writing a day. If I have a post come of that, good. If not, it's important to me to hold back until it's ready.

On my second point, I got to interact with some really cool people. I've read more MMO blogs than I ever have. Some bloggers that I've been reading for many years commented on my posts. It's damn cool.

But I could also give a little more. I want to leave more comments on people's blogs. It feels great when I get them and I want to return that. I want to participate more in discussions that other blogs take up as well. WoW Classic fit that bill this time but I want to continue more of that.

A goal I wasn't expecting, but stumbled upon was this idea of mindful gaming. A number of authors this month commented on how having blog makes you play games much differently. You're constantly looking for blog ideas. I think that's a good benefit, but what I want is a more thorough understanding of what I'm doing anyhow. I'm in my 30s now, life is picking up speed and I feel like I'm getting more days and weeks where I can't frankly remember what happened. I don't like that. We've only got so many days on this Earth and I want to do a better job of not taking that for granted. Gaming is important me, and I want to do a better job of finding that value in it. This blog is a hell of a tool for doing that. It's also going to be great as a diary when I go back to read it.

I have to say that this Blaugust was a huge success. I reached my goals, and I feel invigorated to go even harder. I really want to thank everyone who organized and participated in this. It's been an incredibly opportunity, and it's added honest to God value to my life. I'm thankful for that.

Here's to keeping it going.


  1. Congrats on a successful Blaugust!
    I'm a blog lurker as well and have been trying to leave more comments myself. It's something I'm trying to be more mindful about as it's very, very easy to read and leave.
    Your one of my new favorite blogs to come out of this years event and I hope blogging continues to add value to your life.

    1. I just want to second that. Blaugust has seen a huge upsurge in the sheer number of posts to read every day and I confess that some days I haven't made it through all of them. Your blog, though, has quickly become one of the ones I most look forward to reading. Looking forward to your continued presence in the blogosphere when it all quietens down again.

    2. That's a really nice thing to say! I've also enjoyed your blog a lot, I went back through your archives a lot and enjoyed it!


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