Putting on My Sunday Best

So looks like I might actually be raiding again.

I've joined a guild on a trial basis with the intention of doing some heroics on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I haven't raided properly since Burning Crusade and one thing that has certainly changed is the application process. The days of a dedicated guild website seems to have gone away. Instead verbal interviews over Discord while linking your Raider.io and other 3rd party websites seems to be the normal. At the point, voice chatting with random strangers has been a standard experience in gaming for over a decade now. But for me, it still feels really intrusive.

Enchanting and gemming your gear has been pared down quite a bit. It seems you only need to enchant three pieces of gear in the endgame (two rings and your weapon). Gear with sockets are highly desirable, so naturally I only have two of those. I have max level cooking and Alchemy so bringing my own buffs and potions doesn't cost much either.

My UI however is a bit of a mess. I like that Blizzard has added actual raid frames into the game. They feel more or less identical to using Grid circa 2009. But they don't seem to interact with mouse macros that are bound to my mouse keys. I think downloading Clique will fix that, but it seems like a very odd issue to have. I'm hesistant to set up Weak Auras yet, it's a lot of work to get those just right and I suspect my raid awareness is going to be hurt by poorly set up timers rather than helped at this point. Once I get my raiding legs back underneath me then I'll go ham with the customization.

I'll start my deep dive into the specific raid information I'll need to be ready for. (My first job is to remember what the darn raid is called, I just refer to it as the Azshara raid). I haven't had homework in ten years, I'm not quite sure if I'm looking forward to it.

One thing the guild leader mentioned was the need for an off-spec available to raid. I tested the new Shadow Priest in Legion and I can't say that I found it improved. They've completely overhauled the spec and introduce a mechanic called "Insanity". The goal of the spec is to reach a point of Insanity that does major DPS, and then balance the whatevers in order to keep it there. It felt very clunky to me and I just didn't bother, if I wanted to DPS I would roll an actual DPS class. I'll keep a guide up on my second monitor in case I need to make the switch, although I suspect a raid that has too many healers is the sort of problem that most raid leaders wish they had.

I believe tomorrow is the first raid I'll participate in. Hopefully I remember how to still drive this thing.


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