Pre-Raid Nerves

As I mentioned before I haven't raided seriously since late Burning Crusade, and most of that was confined to Karazhan and both the Tier 5 raids. So as I'm studying the strategies for each Eternal Palace boss I'm struck with a deep sense of forbodding. These bosses seem much more dense mechanically than what I remember dealing with back in the day.

I've seen it mentioned over and over that raiding in Classic will be trivial for a lot of established raiders and I believe it. The first boss in Eternal Palace seems to have as much movement and coordination attached to as I remember Prince Malchezaar (the final Karazhan boss) having.

I think I'll be fine playing as my class. There are a couple of "feel" issues I'm anticipating. Shadow Mend uses more mana than relying on Atonement and damage but it's also a much quicker and responsive heal. How much Shadow Mend spam can I get away with in a longer raid boss fight? That's going to come down to "feel" and is just going to take experience.

That ability to react is going to be crucial. Discipline Priest isn't the best at reacting to big damage. This is a problem going into new content where I'm still learning when these big damage moments are going to be. Discipline is better at anticipating and damage and mitigating it, so now I'm reliant on the other players to pick up slack until I get it together.

That's a difficult place to find myself. I've not been very adventurous with my game playing lately so I'm not often finding myself in a situation where others are more experienced and skilled than I am.

I need practice at being unpracticed.

But trying new things is hard for everyone, and this is a video game so the worst thing that happens is that 20 or people think I'm bad at World of Warcraft. There are worse things.

Nonetheless I'm still a bit anxious. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck!

    There will absolutely be a learning and adjustment period. Don't worry. It's normal. You WILL get there. :D


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