Odds and Ends

No real theme today unfortunately; just the culmination of several projects in WoW.

My Alliance mage is level 30 and still very handsome.

A couple of random achievements:

I finally got the last crafting materials to drop to finish my Mechagon quest mount, the Scrapforged Mechaspider.

Doesn't fit thematically with a Forsaken Priest so I doubt it will see much use, but it's one less thing in my quest log which I always appreciate. Also, it's not a flying mount curiously enough. Doesn't seem like to much of a stretch for such a contraption but Blizzard's thinking on these things has often been inscrutable.

I also took this opportunity to finish up the Eche'ro archeology quest. For those not in the know, Legion Archeology quests last for two weeks and rotate on a 6 month basis. This particular quests rewards a rather handsome mount so I was sure to get this time. Especially, since who knows if I'll still be playing in 6 months.

It's very difficult to take a picture of a transparent moose. Also, this mount IS a flying mount. Robots flying is a no. Ghost moose yes. Inscrutable.


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