Inventory Management and Backlog Culling

Yesterday, and I anticipate today, will apparantly be video gaming administration day.

My bags in World of Warcraft are full, and have been for as long as I remember. Battle for Azeroth seems to have even more odds and ends you pick up than usual. The Mechagon zone seems particularly cruel in this regard, with the zones currency requiring trips to the main hub in order to stack them properly. Additionally, crafting mats for the zone-specific items all get their own stack as well. I have 24 slot bags in every slot, and one bag will apparantly be dedicated to Mechagon for the rest of the expansion.

The matter isn't helped by the fullness of my personal bank and guild bank. I have 24-slot bags in every slot for my personal bank and my person guild bank has every slot unlocked. My goal is to have self-sufficient crafters on both Horde and Alliance side and as such I have kept nearly every crafting mat that I have come across. But the relative alt-unfriendliness of both Legion and Battle for Azeroth have kept me from really seeing that through. There are also many individual items for reputation and pet battles that eat up a ton of space too.

So yesterday was mostly dominated by administration of my virtual stuff while my real life stuff in my house remains mostly scattered. This is, to put it concisely, not a great feeling.

I mentioned yesterday my backlog and I feel the urge to begin organizing and culling that as well. Steam is the biggest problem, I have access to 1600 games or so. There are programs that can help at least tag and categorize these games, but they never seemed to work with the family share games I have with my wife, brother, and sister.

The fragmentation of the digital download market on PC also contributes to this. I have double digits games on Epic, GOG, itchio, Windows Marketplace, UPlay, Origin, Twitch, and various other DRM-free games. I also own pretty much every console and handheld release in the past 30 years or so. Digital and physical games that at this point I can't even begin to ballpark a number on.

I've been accepted to the GOG Galaxy 2.0 beta which attempts to bring as much of these libraries as possible under one roof. I hope to give it a try today and see if it can help bring this madness to an end.

It would probably help if I stopped buying video games until I've finished the ones that I got. Probably.


  1. "It would probably help if I stopped buying video games until I've finished the ones that I got. Probably".

    Crazy talk :)

    1. I'm a buying video game addict and I've been clean for about 4 days.

      We should probably start some sort of group.

  2. I am super excited about Galaxy 2.0! I also have been looking for a better way to track everything without manually inputting stuff.

    1. Turns out, even having an automated list of all my games is still insanely overwhelming!


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