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I woke up this morning to find that Naithin had given me homework some questions to blog about. This was actually really fortuitous as today was the first day I felt like I didn't have a topic jumping to mind when I sat down to write.

Naithin is good people who said nice things about Blog Boar so you should read his blog!

What hobbies or interests do you have that you might not regularly include on your blog?
 My problem is that I have too many interests and hobbies and it keeps me from really diving in as much as I'd like into any one particular interest. So far I haven't mentioned cooking yet at all. In college I got burned out from politics related job and literally took the first job I was offered, a prep chef and one of the school's cafeterias. I went to a very large school in Ohio State and this particular cafeteria would serve thousands of meals everyday. It was my job to have the 20 pounds of onions, 15 pounds of potatoes, etc. prepared and ready to go. Needless to say, I got pretty handy with a knife and they eventually let me move on to making some actual dishes. I also did the customer-facing grill every weekend morning, so if you need 8 omelettes  made at a time I'm your man. Ever since then I've enjoyed cooking a lot, although it seems I always have more energy to do it during breakfast and lunch than I do dinner, so I haven't cooked as much as I'd like.

Are you learning any skills at the moment? If not, what would you like to learn?
 I'm learning to sit down afternoon and write. As I mentioned in my previous bullet point I have too many interests and I get distracted easy. Now that I've moved and have had a pretty major life change, building up some daily habits that I actually want to have is a pretty big priority for me.

If you were invited on a one-way trip to Mars to establish a new colony, would you go?
 No, as much as Raid Finder make me feel otherwise, I rather like this planet and the people on it. My wife is terrified of the idea of going to space and I'm rather fond of her. Also I live in the middle of nowhere so I basically already have this experience.

What is the one thing that you most want readers to come away from your blog with? A feeling, thought, or understanding.
To be perfectly honest, the "user experience" of my blog hasn't actually been a priority for me yet. I feel so rusty as it come to writing or even just interacting with people over the net that I feel like I'm treading water just to hit that Publish button in the upper right of my screen.

I'm still writing my way towards a thesis for this blog. Right now it's more a journal, and I'd like to expand that to include more feature writing and column-style posts.

So I guess I want people to feel mildly entertained until I have something better or more coherent come along.

What excites you most about having a blog?
At first it was the feeling of hitting Publish and having accomplished my goal of writing for the day. But now, the feeling of interacting with people either through the blog or on the Blaugust Discord has begun to overtake that. I've moved several states away last year so making new friends that actually share my interests has been very nice.

If you could make one thing from a book, TV show or movie real, and in your possession, what would it be?
 This is a question with too many powerful answers! A time machine would fix pretty much all of my problems. Some sort of elixir of immortality? Star Trek teleporters? Millennium Falcon with faster than light travel?

I want an Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel so I can run around and collect all of these things in one handy device. That might actually be what the soul stones functionally do, actually. I'll be honest I tend to turn my brain off for movies.

They say everyone has at least one book in them — if you were to write a book, what would it be about?
A geopolitical thriller about a kingdom of sheep after Wool War 2.


(Not really.) 


  1. Oh boy do I hear you on having too many interests mixed with a proclivity to distraction. I'm exactly the same, and had to forcibly reign this aspect in lately.

    Programming in Unity, Digital Art, Fiction Writing being three of the big ones recently to arise alongside this whole 'Blogging' thing.

    Thanks for running through the questions! I enjoyed your answers, hopefully they weren't *actually* too much like homework. ;D


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