I Don't Care for Nazjatar

3 Days Until Flying in Battle for Azeroth. Nazjatar and not Mechagon is going to end up being the limiting factor.

When Nazjatar is finally in my rear view mirror I will rejoice.

I think like a lot of players, I was relieved to see the Blizzard didn't take the unforced error and make Nazjatar an actual underwater zone. What we got instead was a typical zone that is so filled to the brim with mobs that actually getting anywhere has become a chore I'd really rather not do.

It's a pretty typical Blizzard copout. Creating interesting overland mobs is difficult. Adding more isn't. It's not a problem you'll always notice if there are a sufficient number of players around. But whether it's because you have warmode on or play during off hours, the zone becomes boderline unplayable.

Blizzard wants to try and create a sense of "danger", but actually dying pretty much never happens. I have an extremely average gear level of 410 and can pull multiple elites without dying, it just takes forever to kill them and the several adds they will inevitable pull or will spawn on top of you. World Quests that require defeating "1" mob? As long as you're cool with killing 10-15 mobs in order to get to it.

I've noticed the developer's beloved "dazed" effect is back this expansion. Considering it's actually difficult to find roads in this zone that aren't also patrolled by monsters makes this even more aggravating. I know that mount's can be equipped with anti-daze equipment, but that means eschewing water walking. Pick your poison.

Antorus had similar issues when it launched, but it was one zone, concentrating the player base and making the scale and desnity of the mobs make sense. 8.2 splits the playerbase between two zones.

I know this a rant post, but Nazjatar has overstayed its welcome. Many of my issues will be solved in three days. But if this is what Blizzard sees as the future of zone design, it's a problem I'm gonna have a lot of going forward.


  1. I don't particularly care for either Nazjatar nor Mechagon, but I am much farther from flying than you and over it lol.


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