An Alternative Point of View

With the Zandalari Empire maxed out and now officially part of the Horde, I've finished the 8.0 and 8.1 War Campaign. So now it's time to sail onto 8.1.5 and 8.2 right?

Except I kind of don't want to.

You don't get much in the way of a structured quest line for the opposite faction's zones in Battle for Azeroth. So what I've seen of Kul Tiras looks, snowy, woodsy, and and a bit witchy. I'm rather fond of those first two (could take or leave the witches).

I mean the Horde storyline is pretty flat. But say what you will about the tenets of pointless evil, dude, at least it's an ethos. The Alliance storyline feels completely hollow from what little I've been exposed to it. But the zones give me the old Grizzly Hills feeling, a zone I've never heard a cross word about. And a snowy, mountainous woods gives me a comfy Skyrim vibe. I've 100% Skyrim twice now, 120 odd hours or so each, so dumping some into the Alliance zones is something I'd quite like to try.

The problem is that I don't really have an Alliance character ready for that. I've got a couple of 90s, and an Alliance monk at 100 but no real desire to get those guys rolling. So I've launched a new character, getting back to my Mage roots that I started this game with nearly 15 years ago.

He's a handsome devil ain't he? I also finally have a character in WOW whose name matches the blog's title, so that's good. I'm sitting in an inn at Redridge as a level 21 fire mage. Can I get him to 120 and finish the BfA Alliance questline before Classic launches in two weeks?

The race is on.


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