A Pleasant Sort of Grind

You know what doesn't lend itself very well to blog posts? Fishing. Outside of pushing Zuldazar reputation so I can continue the Zul'jin storyline, my game playing has mostly consisted of fishing up Redtail Loach and Frenzied Fangtooth in order to cook up 30 more Bountiful Captain's Feast to complete the Catering for Combat achievement. 900 total fish with a 50/50 chance of being caught per cast means ~1800 casts.

I don't know how to make that compelling in a blog.

It shouldn't be compelling in the real world either but multitasking is actually making this process enjoyable. I'm either writing up my daily blog post (like this one!), struggling through my RSS backlog of other Blaugust participants, or stopping once every 10 catches or so to scrub a "zone" of my kitchen. It's all stuff I wanted to do, but now I get a nice little counter to go along with it and eventually an achievement most are probably smart enough to simply ignore.

Sometimes I'm just in a mood for a good grind, which has actually gotten harder to find in World of Warcraft in a "pure" sense. Sure there are reputation grinds, currency grinds, gear grinds, etc. but a lot of the good old fashioned stand in one place and kill everything you see for hours on end has been excised from the game. This is probably a great design choice, but sometimes I just want something to do with my hands while I'll focus on something else. Outside of a couple of remaining pet and mount drops, fishing and archeology are probably the closest thing left in modern day WOW.

I'm confident I'll regret every word of this post in two weeks when WOW Classic launches.

I'm suffering from some Decision Paralysis on what game to play next. I have access to every console since 1999, god knows how many PC games at this point, and of course ever present emulation. It's an embarrassment of poor spending habits riches, but it's also overwhelming. I never feel like I'm just picking out a game to play. It  always manifests into a decision but who I am as a person and what type of games does that person play. Video games don't cause violence, but they may cause a very specific kind of madness. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be about some unearthed hidden gem that has languished on my shelf (physical or digital).

I recently bought an original Xbox ,and while I don't own much for it, I want to give that a spin. That neon fluorescent green is so demonstrably 2000s that I hunger for it.


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